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About Titan Robotics

A Dedicated Team of Roboticists and Engineers

Titan Robotics, Inc. is a spinout from Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) developing flexible robotic systems for manufacturing and industrial applications. Titan Robotics was founded in 2014 by CMU faculty to commercialize the award-winning technology developed at the NREC for aerospace robotic applications.

Who We Are

Experienced Team

Our team is made of industry experts across robotic systems. Our engineering experience includes cutting edge modeling, path planning, machine vision, machine learning, industrial robotics, lean manufacturing, and almost all other areas of advanced robotics.

Undetered by Challenge

Our team works with equipment suppliers to improve designs and push limits to bring proven technologies into new application spaces. If a piece of hardware does not exist that we need, we have an engineering team ready to build the solution.

Customer Focused

We strive to work with our customers to determine the best solution given the newest technologies available.

Our History


Early Attempts Pre-Titan

Before NREC and Titan involvement, numerous attempts to automate airframe surface processing were made with limited success.


AFRL Funded Development

After successful participation in a US Air Force competition, the Air Force funded an effort at the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) to develop an automated full aircraft surface processing system. This started with delivering a high-power laser to the surface of aircraft to remove paint. 


First Systems Go Live

The USAF determined the laser de-paint system is vetted and could be used on production aircraft.

late 2014

Titan Robotics Inc. Formed

After considerable external interest in the underlying technology, Carnegie Mellon spun out a company (Titan) to broadly commercialize the technology. Titan Robotics Inc. was granted the exclusive license to the technology that enables our systems.


First Contract Award

Titan Robotics Inc. receives first contract in transfer of technology from Carnegie Mellon / NREC.


Expanding into Other Depots

Titan Robotics Inc. is awarded a contract at Warner Robins AFB in Macon, GA. Our laser depaint system is being integrated in a different hardware configuration showing the versatility of our systems. 


Expansion of Technology

The team at Titan has continued to develop the software to provide better and more diverse capabilities.

Titan Robotics

2516 Jane Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203